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Book ThumbnailCombination Products: Implementation of cGMP Requirements (single user digital version)

This book exposes the reader to the unique aspects and considerations for implementation of cGMP in a combination product environment. It includes comprehensive information from leaders in the industry regarding the unique requirements for several common combination products situations.

Edited by: Lisa Hornback

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Book ThumbnailContamination Control in Healthcare Product Manufacturing, Volume 4 (single user digital version)

This text is an essential complement to a contamination control library as a useful reference guide when combined with the previous three volumes.

Edited by: Jeanne Moldenhauer, Russell Madsen

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Book ThumbnailPDA Technical Report Distribution Series

PDA has organized the five most relevant technical reports about the supply chain distribution, covering testing to the last mile, in a convenient series.

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Book ThumbnailTechnology and Knowledge Transfer: Keys to Successful Implementation and Management (single user digital version)

Written by global subject matter experts, this book offers the practical experience needed to obtain a competitive edge. The successful technology transfer from research and development to the commercial production site is a critical process in the development and launch of a new medicinal product. An unsuccessful transfer can result in possible launch delays and lost sales and require increased resources, time and money to make corrective actions. This book will help companies take a proactive approach to streamlining and optimizing their technology transfer processes to ensure successes

Edited by: Mark Gibson, Siegfried Schmitt