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PDA Technical Report No. 45, (TR 45) Filtration of Liquids Using Cellulose-Based Depth Filters (paper ship version)

This Technical Report was prepared by members of the PDA Filtration of Liquids Using Cellulose-Based Depth Filters Task Force.

This technical report was written to provide guidelines for the selection, validation and use of cellulose-based depth filters in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications. The report also provides information on physical and performance characteristics of cellulose-based depth filter products in sheet, lenticular cartridge (modules) and capsule configurations to assist the filter user in defining a consistent, standardized approach for choosing, implementing and using depth filters in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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2008. Volume 62, Issue No. S-2. 38 pages.

Table of Contents:

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Glossary of terms

How Depth Filters Work
Physical Characteristics
Performance Characterization
Cleaning, Sanitizing and Sterilizing Filter Installations


Date of Publication: June 2008
ISBN Number: 9780939459216
Number of Pages: 38
Binding: Soft cover