Technical Reports: Paper

PDA Technical Report No. 41, Revised 2008 (TR 41) Virus Filtration (paper ship version)

This Technical Report was prepared by members of the PDA Virus Filtration Task Force.

This technical report addresses virus removal filters that retain viruses by a size exclusion mechanism. It explains how they work, recommends how to elect the best filter for various applications, physical and biological characterization and test methods, and validation. The 2008 revision expands the original report to cover best practices for filter qualification and validation of filters designed to remove viruses 20 nm in diameter and larger.

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2008. Volume 62, Issue No. S-4.

Table of Contents:

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Virus-Retentive Filters
Virus Filter Selection and Characterization
Physical and Mechanical Characterization
Virus Filter Validation/Evaluation Studies
Integrity Testing

Date of Publication: November 2008
ISBN Number: 978-0-939459-23-0
Number of Pages: 62
Binding: Softcover