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Points to Consider for Aging Facilities (single user digital version)

PDA's Points to Consider for Aging Facilities takes into account the industry's general thoughts and suggestions of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry on how to identify and modernize aging facilities.

This document reviews:

  • How to recognize that a facility is aging
  • Impediments to modernization
  • The business case for modernization
  • Strategies for modernization
  • The impact of changing standards
  • How to slow the aging process
  • The regulatory landscape

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Table of Contents:

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  1. Introduction
  2. Recognizing a facility is Aging
  3. Impediments to Modernization
  4. Business Case for Modernization
  5. Strategies for Modernization
  6. Impact of Changing Standards
  7. Slowing the Aging Process
  8. Regulatory
  9. References

Date of Publication: July 2017
ISBN Number: 9780939459971
Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 31